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Year Started : 1997
Location : United States of America
Languages : English
Short Description : Founded in 1997 (they launched on Valentine's Day - a nice touch), currently has over 2 million members (or 5 million, depending on whether you read their information page or their ads) and claims to be adding new members at a rate of 250,000 per month. With a membership featuring 55% men and 45% women, has an unusually balanced demographic as far as the male/female ratio -- one that isn't much different from the real single population.'s age groups are evenly spread as well, with 30% ages 20-29, 30% ages 30-39, 30% ages 40-49 and most of the rest aged 50 and over.
Number of Members : 2,000,000
Overall Rating : is a 5 out of 5 based on the actual matching/dating system, and the many "add-ons," are a solid 5. You won't find better relationship advice or more interesting articles than offers -- and definitely not at this volume. Thoughtful extras like an "Away" feature to notify other members that you're on vacation or traveling are a good way to let others know why you aren't responding so that there won't be a dozen "ones that got away" when you log back on. is definitely a contender in the market and growing rapidly - this site could challenge the biggest ones out there. Categories & Features

Relationships :
  • Friendship
  • Marriage
  • Pen Pals
  • Romance
Religions :
  • All
Ethnicities :
  • All
Finding Your Match :
  • Automated Matching
  • Online indicator
  • Photo Gallery
  • Search (Advanced)
  • Search by location
  • Search (Quick)
  • Smart Matching
Contacting Members :
  • E-mail
  • Instant messaging
  • Online Chat
  • Private messaging
  • Social events
  • Virtual kiss (Icebreakers) Dating Service Review

The Company : is a privately owned dating service, but an exceptionally well-run one. Without knowing the "power behind the site," it's difficult to rank the company, but all signs point to a serious investment in making this site something wonderful.
Site Navigation : The lay-out, predominantly purple and periwinkle (a kind of pale purplish-light blue), is soothing, easy to read and attractive, making one of the more attractive dating service sites. Menu bars down the side and across the top allow you to navigate easily from one area to another.
Site Response Speed : Fast
Sign-Up Process : Very easy -'s sign-up process took only a few minutes and doesn't require a credit card or other payment information. The navigation and instructions walk you through the process step-by-step and allow you to post a detailed profile even as a trial, non-paying member.
Breadth of Services : has a broad appeal for just about every age group and an unusually balanced male-female ratio; perhaps one of the best in the marketplace. The Webzine and Ezine have such great features, articles, advice columns and interviews, etc. that they move this site into the top ranking on services. You could spend all day on and come away wishing you had more time to read more stuff.
User Base : While predominantly heterosexual, user base is generally quite diverse, with education and lifestyles covering all types, styles and ages. There's no indication of sleaziness or inappropriate membership at, and they obviously mean to keep it clean.
User Experience :'s articles and advice columns were so interesting and stimulating, I almost forgot the site's primary function was to find matches! Once I got back to the task at hand, however, I appreciated the profiles and the multiple photos. The emails alerting you to new members who are interested in you or who match your profile are nice, but a bit abrupt in their set-up. On the whole, was the most fun of any I've visited, if not the one with the most matches for me.
Customer Service : The FAQ page had several dozen topics listed, broken down into categories for easy browsing. Most questions could be easily answered by looking through these. If you email a question, you generally get a response from within 24 hours and they take all concerns and questions seriously. No phone support, but that's not uncommon.
Customer Service Hours :
  • Email via Webpage
Registration Options : Registration Procedure
  • FREE to register
  • Quick registration
  • Online help
  • Tips and examples
  • Send photos by mail or email
Additional Services :
  • Automatic renewal
  • Hide profile option
Long Description : is a privately owned company, so the financial backing behind it is difficult to determine, but it seems firmly established with an active membership of online daters, a high quality design and an attentive operation of the site. Its attention to detail and thoughtful extras make a small jewel in the online dating marketplace. On average, you will find about 3,000 members at a time actively online if you are looking to chat or instant message with a potential mate. A Dating Site That Knows what Works

Trial membership at includes a profile with up to five photos and is comprehensive enough to give an accurate idea of your personality and what you're looking for in a match. The dating profiles include all the usual information, plus a few interesting questions about favorite sports teams and your idea of the perfect date. You can browse, send a wink or simply "show interest," but you can't initiate or exchange emails.'s chat rooms are also members only, but there are several and they seem to be fairly active. The cross-section of people is excellent and each time you visit the site, you will instantly get a message telling you how many members have shown an interest in you. You can then visit their dating profiles and take a look to see if you want to respond. The photo quality is very good on the whole and you have the option to tell as little or as much about yourself as you like. touts itself as being different from the other sites by virtue of its research, which involved studying other dating services and profile forms, using extensive questionnaires and proprietary matching algorithms based on psychological and relationship research. They might be right, too, because's matches are usually pretty good. On the home page, there's also a running list of member birthdays, so on any given day you can check out members who are celebrating a birthday; if you like their profiles, you have a ready-made excuse to contact them. Just send a zippy little "Happy Birthday" greeting to get the ball rolling! The browsing feature at has a broad range of capabilities that includes the ability to search not only by how well they match your criteria, but how well you meet theirs as well. It's a nice way to "compare notes" between each other's expectations, too!'s Substantial Relationship Webzine

The real beauty of the website is in the extras - they have a Webzine called DateInfo that's entertaining, informative and updated weekly. This area is chock-full of articles, features and surveys on everything from political marriages (would you or wouldn't you quit your career to support your partner's campaign?) to blind date horror stories, which prove an entertaining and reassuring reminder that yours isn't the bottom of the singles-life pit! This Ezine has suggestions for inexpensive dates, ways to flirt without losing face and how to introduce your online match to your friends.'s man-on-the-street interviews have addressed everything from "Why Don't You Call When You Say You Will?" to "How to Tell When a Break-Up's Near." Love quizzes, Great Date Ideas, Singles Horoscopes and a section devoted to alternative lifestyles all contribute to a substantial Webzine. Brenda Ross is their online dating advisor. Her answers to questions sent in by members are practical and humorous, with a contemporary edge. Her recent publicity from CNN, USA Today, Rolling Stone and The New York Times lends cache to her expertise. Brian Fairbanks is's resident expert on gay and lesbian relationships and the Alternative Lifestyles section of the webzine is just as well done as the main area. Articles on the pros and cons of public kissing, marriage alternatives and commitment ceremonies and the pitfalls of online dating for homosexuals are all well-written with a touch of wry wit. Provides Plenty of Online Dating Tips also has some of the most extensive practical advice around specific to online dating, including the "Six Fatal Mistakes of Online Dating" (in case you were wondering: 1. No picture, no chance. 2. High Hopes, Low Rewards. 3. Dull Profile, Dull Partners. 4. Telling "Nothing Like the Truth." 5. All Speed, No Substance. 6. Give Up, Stay Single.) Each of these outlines tips on how to improve your profile, why you should keep your expectations realistic and what to do when your online chat partner seems to be tripping over his or her personal facts. also offers chatty little articles on "How to Get Kissed Quick" and "Signs She Might be Cheating" are all interesting and fun. An added bonus to all of these surveys and articles? They are great ice-breakers when you begin corresponding with members. Ask their opinion or compare survey answers; you'll get an astonishing amount of information in these sessions and some good jumping-off points for great discussions of issues and values.

Meet Other Members Offline, too's other "extras" include local events in various cities across the country, although these are mostly in the early stages of development and not as extensive as those you might find at a site like Their travel adventures are great though and include Colorado ski vacations, Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Caribbean cruises. These are set up through reputable travel agencies and cruise lines and include lots of special singles' activities and opportunities to "meet and greet" other members. If continues to grow the events and travel areas, they should be on their way to competing against some of the real big guns. Pros & Cons

Pros :
  • has a very good base of members with an evenly spread range of ages and genders - more so than most sites. You aren't likely to log on here and find there's "no one that fits" what you're looking for.
  • The added value of the Ezine and Webzine pushes way above the average if you're looking for something more from a site than just matching. The quality of the writing and the frequency of updates are both impressive.
  • If you like quizzes, surveys and horoscopes, is a well-rounded site with lots to offer.
  • The travel events are top-notch and serve as excellent opportunities to meet members while relaxing or adventuring.
Cons :
  •'s dating profiles are good, but not great compared to the top-of-the-line dating services contenders.
  • The local dating events are a nice concept, but are really only in the conceptual stages, with a few notable exceptions that took place in the last few months. If this is to be a successful part of the service, will need to add considerably more events in more cities. Plans Offered

Pricing :
  • 1 month for $24.95
  • 3 months for $49.95
  • 6 months for $74.95
  • 1 year for $99.95
  • Full access - you can email any member and begin IM sessions yourself, being proactive rather than reactive. Lots more say over who you chat or correspond with this way.
  • Use of the additional, more detailed "Personality Test" and the "Physical Attraction" test
  • Blocking features
  • Automatic renewal
Site Freebies :
  • You can be a free member for as long as you want, with a complete profile and up to five photos. With this, you have full access to the extensive offerings of the Webzine, can receive the weekly Ezine and browse til your heart's content. The matching system will email matches for you to review and will forward emails sent to you. You can't initiate emails, however, and you can't use the chat or IM features on the free version. One tip - if you click on a member who has emailed you and hesitate to join, you may get an offer for a free, three-day trial membership at no cost. With this, you can email, chat and do everything else as a full "gold level member." Do keep track of the dates, though; if you forget to cancel after three days, your account will be automatically renewed on your credit card.
  • Photo gallery for quick browsing of photos.
  • Email alerts of interested members Sign Up Dating Service Review

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